Fiberglass window screen to keep mosquito

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Fiberglass screen is weaved by single PVC coated fiberglass,after the heat treatment, the mesh is clear and stable, and has good capacity in ventilation and transparency.
Fiberglass window screen features:
1) Effective insect barrier.
2) Easily fixed and removed, sun-shade, UV proof.
3) Easy clean, No smell, good for health.
4) The mesh is uniform, no bright lines in the whole roll.
5) Touch soft, no crease after folding.
6) Fire resistant, good tensile strength, long life.

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Material: 36% fiberglass and 64% PVC
Standard weight: 100g/m2 110g/m2,120g/m2.etc
Mesh size: 17x15mesh,18x16mesh,20x20mesh,16x16mesh etc.
Available width: 0.5m-3m
Available roll length: 25m,30m,45m,50m,181m or as you need
Popular color: Black,white,gray,grey,green,blue etc.
Certificate: CE Certificate  ITECK
 Character: Fire-proof,ventilate,ultraviolet

Colour: white, blue (dark/light), green (dark/light), gray (dark/light), black and more.


With light weight, beautiful appearance, ventilation and other advantages,It is a kind of adding anti-aging, anti ultraviolet and other chemical agents as the main raw material, has the advantages of strong tension, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing of waste. Depending on the size you choose, you may even be able to fully screen your home and property using one roll! The rolls are also excellent for professional screeners who go through screen rapidly. By stocking up on these fiberglass screen rolls for your inventory, you'll be able to offer an economical screen option to your customers.


By covering the construction of artificial barriers in scaffolding, effective to bug off mosquitos . This screen is mainly used for window screen mesh, vegetable virus-free plantlets after cover function.


Packing &Delivery

Fireproof fiberglass window screen packing:
1) in transparent bag with label,then in container.
2) in transparent bag with label, 2 roll/4rolls/6rolls/10rolls in plastic woven bag then in container.
3) in transparent bag with label, 2 rolls/4 rolls/6rolls in carton, then in container.



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Enjoy the outdoors insect-free by installing screens. If you have other questions about our fiberglass patio and pool screen rolls, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 8618732878281 for more information.


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