Function of curtain yarn.

Function 1. Adjust indoor light
Ordinary curtains are generally made of thick materials, which meets the needs of everyone to protect privacy. However, if the curtain is too thick, it is not easy to transmit light, but the window screen is different. It can adjust the indoor light and meet everyone's needs for indoor lighting.

Function 2. Protect privacy
As for the role of curtain yarn, we now understand it from five aspects: protecting privacy, adjusting indoor light, shielding mosquitoes, ventilation and decoration. Let's first analyze the role of curtain yarn from the perspective of protecting privacy. Like curtains, window screens also have the function of protecting privacy, because window screens have the function of one-way perspective, so window screens also have a certain function of protecting privacy at this time.

Function 3. Protect mosquitoes
Summer is the season when all kinds of mosquitoes grow. Therefore, many friends close the windows and close the curtains in order to cover the mosquitoes. But at this time, the home will become stuffy and airless. If you turn on the air conditioner, you are more likely to catch a cold. At this time, the role of curtain gauze is to ensure the indoor air circulation, but also to block the mosquitoes flying outside.

Function 4. Decoration
On the role of curtain yarn, Xiaobian will also introduce you to the decorative role. Hanging curtains alone at home will seem too monotonous and stiff. If the window screen is added, the looming window screen will also add some interest to the indoor space.

Function 5. Ventilation
We also know that, in fact, curtain yarn has the function of ventilation. If there is no ventilation in the room for a long time, it will affect everyone's breathing quality at this time. Therefore, the curtain yarn has the function of ventilation

Post time: Feb-24-2022