Sunshade Net

  • High Quality Sunshade Net Wholesale

    High Quality Sunshade Net Wholesale

    Sunshade net also named PETScreen in addition to protection from insects,sunshine, it can withstand almost inevitable periodic action of the claws, teeth, beaks found in medium-sized indoor pets such as cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, on the other hand to protect pets from falling out of the windows and prevent pets escape. IT is used by swimming pool. Car,etc

    It is also able to protect young children who open up new interesting, they open all cabinets, doors and even the windows.
    And more importantly, thanks to the high-strength materials, pet screen mesh can spend the winter, despite the harsh climate, they will not be spoiled, do not lose their strength and functionality.
    Love your pets and be sure in your absence with them, nothing happens, as pet screen is a guarantee of protection!

  • Sunshade Cloth Factory Price

    Sunshade Cloth Factory Price

    Waterproof Sun Shade Cloth is made of polyester Pu coated material by adding UV stabilizers and anti-oxidants. Anti-aging, large-area coverage and it has the ability to adjust control environment, Rust proof mounting fixtures- stainless steel D- rings,Ideal for decks,gardens, backyards, entryways, pools, and courtyards. Lightweight and foldable design making it easy for storage