Pleated Window Screen

  • Waterproof  pleated window screen

    Waterproof pleated window screen

    Low cost and easy to use
    Improves fluidity and metal distribution
    Removes micron sized inclusions and impurities
    Can be used with existing pattern equipment
    Eliminates inclusions created by ceramic chips

    Main market of Plisse/pleated Insect Screen mesh
    Middle East, Turkey and some European countries

    The most popular specifications for of Plisse/pleated Insect Screen mesh
    The standard folded height ranges from 15mm to 20mm. The Max Width could be 3M.

  • Flower pleated window screen Wholesale

    Flower pleated window screen Wholesale

    Polyester pleated mesh is a kind of pleated mesh with economical and practical It made by polyester yarn, best suitable for the pleated plisse screen window and door system. Printing polyester folding window screen, is commonly used among various screens nowadays. It has pleated surface with same folding width, forming fashionable organ-style, which adds a sense of elegance and fashion for your home or public places.
    Use at the time of gauze in the end pulled out from the side of the orbit, thus blocking the mosquitoes into the room, put away when not in the handle, screening over the side rails on the inside fold, so that invisible gauze

  • Fiberglass Pleated Wire Mesh Factory Price

    Fiberglass Pleated Wire Mesh Factory Price

    Fiberglass pleated wire mesh, which is suitable for almost all frames with different materials, is a revolutionary product for windows and doors. It meets the demands of residences, offices, patios, farmhouses and many other places. Plated insect screen has now become a must in homes whether they are new buildings or restored buildings.Fiberglass as this kind is fireproof so it is best suitable for the window and door system.the mesh provides excellent light transmission and allows good air flow. It can keep fly, insects, mosquito effective